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 Jordanian Diary - part of a 3-week trip to Israel, Egypt and Jordan

Day 2 Jordan

Tony, our guide, drove us northwards through Amman, a clean modern and impressive city and out into a countryside of rolling hills and olive groves.  We passed through the Palestinian refugee town of El Beqar, before stopping at the Zarqa River, a biblical site.  From there we continued north to the fabulous Roman ruins of Jerash.

What an amazing site!  Jordanians claim that it is the best preserved and largest Roman ruin in existence.  We entered through Hadrian's Arch and walked up to the hippodrome.  From there we entered the South Gate and looked at the impressive forum and temple of Jupiter.  The Cardo Maximus was next; an impressive 800-metre long paved, but cart-rutted, street lined with beautiful columns.  Along the way we looked at the nymphaeum, the main fountain of the city with its carved female forms.